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Projector Issue Title Author
Spring 2018 Founder's Forum, Ways to Identify the Humanistic Classroom Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Winter 2018 Founder's Forum, Identifying Marks of Humanism in the Christian School Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Oct 1981 The Editor's Desk - Humanism Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Aug 1979 Letters: Humanistic Education Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Feb 1979 Who Is A Humanist? Anon
Feb - Mar 1977 Secular Humanism In Christian Schools? Elmer Rumminger
Jan 1974 Education: A Humanizing Process Is Needed Debbie Rees
Dec 1973 Foundations Destroyed Eleanor Howe
Oct 1973 Humanism Judgment Appealed Christian Crusade Weekly
Jul 1973 Symptoms Of Humanism Dr. Dayton Hobbs